Independent Anime: 恋するネズミ

「恋するネズミ」完全版 shinsakuhidaka

Independent Anime

Independent Anime 恋するネズミ | Rats in love. Full version.

English / Japanese caption

恋するネズミ – Independent Anime

Independent Anime 恋するネズミ
Produced by shinsakuhidaka *Click to see the video

Grand Prix “A rat in love
・Himeji International Short Film Festival Grand Prix
・5th Kichijoji Animation Film Festival Grand Prix & Core Mix Award
・ASIAGRAPH 2009 Video Category Best Work
・Winner of the Annecy International Animation Festival Festival Competition
・The 1st Tango Video Festival Associate Grand Prix
・Yahoo! JAPAN Internet Creative Award 2010 Silver Award
・11th TBS DigiCon6 BS-TBS Award
・Nasu International Short Film Festival 2010 Audience Award
・21st CG Animation Contest Award
・Digital Creators Competition 2009 Toei Animation Award
・Japan-Korea Movie Award 2009, Japan-Korea Strait Area Video Award
・Special prize for the 3rd Children’s Animation Festival
・Ibaraki Digital Content Award Ibaraki Information Service Industry Association Chairman Award
・TSS Short Movie Festival VI Honorable Mention & Audience Award
・Winner of the 54th London Film Festival Short Cuts & Animation
・Winner of the 64th Mainichi Film Competition Animation Division
・Selected at the 2nd Comedy Film Festival in Taito
・Yokohama International Film Festival 2009 CREAM Competition Selected
・Winner of the 15th Ozu Yasujiro Memorial Tateshina Kogen Film Festival Short Film Competition
・YouTube Video Award 2010 Selected
・The 13th Hiroshima International Animation Festival was selected as “Contemporary Japanese Animation”
・Selected in the 5th Sapporo International Short Film Festival Japan Off Theater Category
・Screened at Cinema Tow International Animation Film Festival
・2010 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival

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