Independent Film: WILL




自主制作映画「WILL」 | 制作: 土井翔生
自主制作映画「WILL」 | 制作: 土井翔生

Fictional Japan where you can freely travel in time.
October 21, 1995. Takuma is a part-time worker who parted from her. Take a new drug, Love Machine, which can travel in time to find yourself, and go to the world of 2000 five years later.
October 21, 2015. After failing to make a confession, Yut tries to go back 15 days to try again, but apologizes to the world of 2000, 15 years ago.
October 21, 2000. Yoko, a college student, is working part-time at a coffee shop. The photographic department to which we belong was in danger of collapse.
Are each time travel happy? Or maybe.

Present × past × future intermingled Time paradox entertainment that no one has ever seen! !
To an unpredictable ending beyond your imagination.


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