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Independent Japanese anime

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Indie Anime in Japan is a movie produced a before student or individual become professional.

No budget, no equipment. Under such circumstances, please take a look at the achievements of those who are working hard with the camera and computer.

Welcome to Online Broadway, which is off and off!

Japanese Indie anime

『Before you wake up』trailer | loundraw

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『Before you wake up』trailer

Release : Jul 13, 2017
Views : 2,467,329

One-way ticket dream |  IoNN

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One-way ticket dream

Release : Feb 24, 2018
Views : 120,435

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Release : Feb 27, 2018
Views : 28,104

Room | 相原ふう

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Release : Jan 23, 2018
Views : 14,315

宮子 |  Rabbit MACHINE

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Release : Sep 30, 201
Views : 2,350,642


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