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Independent Japanese anime
Independent Japanese anime

Indie anime

Indie anime

Indie Anime in Japan is a movie news a before student or individual become professional.

No budget, no equipment. Under such circumstances, please take a look at the achievements of those who are working hard with the camera and computer.

Welcome to Online Broadway, which is off and off!

Japanese Indie anime

朱 | まりやす

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Release : Mar 6, 2019
Views : 2,985,977

恋するネズミ |  shinsakuhidaka

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Release : Aug 17, 2012
Views : 813,280

婆ちゃの金魚 | 岩瀬夏緒里

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Release : Oct 28, 2012
Views : 3,213,511

いと恋し | 倉橋一平

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Release : Apr 8, 2012
Views : 4,612,493

ALLETA | MA kunozyo

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Release : Mar 3, 2015
Views : 1,008,159


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