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Independent Japanese Film

Indie film

Indie film

Indie Film in Japan is a movie produced a before student or individual become professional.

No budget, no equipment. Under such circumstances, please take a look at the achievements of those who are working hard with the camera and computer.

Welcome to Online Broadway, which is off and off!

Japanese Indie film

2045 | 38912 DIGITAL

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Release : 19 Feb 2016
Views : 1,538,196

購買戦争 〈2017年 日テレ「動画甲子園」優勝作品〉| 早本映画部

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Shopping rivalry …

Release : 17 Dec 2017
Views : 12,407

短編映画「all about ...」| 佐藤洋

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all about …

Release : 8 Sep 2015
Views : 10,754

自主制作映画「イン・マイ・ライフ」 |  tsurunan eigaken

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In My Life

Release : Nov 25, 2013
Views : 14,805

短編映画「転校生」Short film “Transferring” |  7daysfilms

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Release : May 15, 2020
Views : 25,800


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Indie Japan.

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