#NamelessSKY. – The SKY – Timelapse.

The SKY - Time lapse. #NamelessSKY ©COCOROZASI.NET

YouTube :: The SKY – Time lapse

Playlist :: The SKY #NamelessSky

I have given up my dream once in 20 years ago.At that time, I blamed people who were beside me, I could not accept that I gave up. However, it was myself that I gave up my dream and threw it away. Everyday from that day was like everyday to go down to the bottom of my life.

One day, I was encouraged by a friend I met again. “Lift your face, look at the sky, live proudly!”
That is more than 15 years ago from now.

Then I have lived so hard not to blame others for my own thing.


作成者: @cocorozasi_net

I am Iron Man.


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