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Find the perfect song for your mood!

Do you know Japanese fortune teller ?
There is a fortune telling called “Omikuji.”
This is a play that imitates the “Omikuji”.

“I want to listen to music … but it’s a pain to find something …”

Have you ever thought that way? Yes. I am often.

Then, what to do is to go to YouTube, open rankings by country, roughly look at the rankings from the top, and decide when there is a pin. …… But it’s not happening anymore (´; ω; `)

Therefore! It is full appearance! This fortune-telling forgiveness!

What a total production time! Only a few minutes. There is a black-boxed “AI-like” system that is famous for AI-like inside, and no one is inside! The search results will match up to 98% (compared to our company) of the highest reaction speed and mood.

By the way, the design is safe even if the remaining 2% comes out, and there is no doubt that you can meet the best novel that matches you with 3 types of buttons (Affirmation)

Click the three buttons under the results as you feel!

That should make you happy too …

So thank you for using it!

Recommended fortune
Recommended fortune
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